Students Lend a Hand - Coastal Cleanup Day

by Kerry Linderoth, Director of Sustainability

On a recent Saturday, members of the Upper School cross country team participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day at Edith Read Wildlife Sanctuary in Rye. This annual event is a way that Rye Country Day students give back to the local community while contributing to a global clean-up effort. While collecting over 150 pounds of trash, students recorded data for an international database. A variety of items were found, including cigarette butts, plastic pieces, bottle caps, food wrappers, glass pieces, styrofoam, straws and stirrers, beverage bottles and cans, firework residue, and plastic bags.

To reduce our environmental impact on oceans, please consider reducing plastic packaging, investing in reusable products instead of disposables, and picking up even a few pieces of trash when you visit the beach. The Ocean Conservancy, which organizes the International Coastal Cleanup Day, has even come out with an app called Clean Swell that you can download to track your cleanup history. Every little bit can make a big difference!