A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester County, New York

Professional Learning Cohorts

RCDS believes in employee-led professional growth to deepen knowledge and understanding. The Professional Learning Cohort (PLC) program launched in 2023, convening diverse groups of employees around various topics of interest. Through PLCs, small groups of dedicated, curious colleagues learn, share expertise, and work collaboratively toward professional goals.

2023-24 PLC Topics

  • Alternative Assessments 
  • Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning (Shang) - non-PD day meeting times TBD
  • Book Group - Learning and Teaching While White
  • Camaraderie and Creativity in Community: “Flow State”
  • Community-Wide Projects and Instraschool Collaboration
  • Competencies Based Learning
  • Creativity and Mindfulness Through Fiber Arts
  • Engineering & Student Apprenticeships
  • Excel and Google Sheets 
  • Exercise Science and Nutrition
  • Failure, Growth, and Innovation
  • Gender and Learning
  • Google Level 1 and Prompting AI
  • Intercultural Competencies and Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Learning Walks/ Critical Friends Group
  • Making Space for the Quiet Child and Finding Space as the Quiet Adult
  • Outdoor Classroom and Experiential Education
  • RCDS Archives
  • Restorative Practices 
  • Sports Psychology Tools and Implementation
  • Stress Management: Strategies for a Balanced Life
  • Student Centered Learning
  • Student Choice, Voice, and Cultivating Lifelong Readers with High-Interest Books in the Classroom
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Supporting Academic Success in the Classroom
  • Sustainability/ Keeping Us Green
  • The Importance of the Arts in a College Preparatory Context
  • Women’s Work/Life Balance