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Curriculum Scope and Sequence: Breaking Down Silos and Building Connections (2018-19)

Curriculum Scope and Sequence: Breaking Down Silos and Building Connections (2018-19)

How might we capitalize on the work that the Curriculum Scope and Sequence Committee has done over the past three years and continue to roll out the Atlas Rubicon curriculum mapping tool?

How might we maintain the curricular conversations we are already having while developing deeper connections between and across divisions, disciplines, and with RCDS initiatives, values, and commitments?

Our Goals

  • Work with the faculty to ensure that 100% of courses are entered into Atlas Rubicon by the end of the school year, and thoroughly depict each teacher’s essential questions, content, and skills for each unit.
  • Lead conversations during “Curricular Conversations” workshops about key aspects of the curriculum.
  • Begin to distill the Atlas Rubicon data into a high level curriculum overview document that can be used as course skeletons and for future curricular analysis.
  • Provide technical maintenance of the database.

Project Overview

This project seeks to ask the same question as the RCDS Institute’s overarching question: “How might we find ways to identify the cross-sections of our initiatives and principles throughout our program, and facilitate their efficient and practical implementation and curricular integration?”


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