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Women & Leadership (2018-19)

Women & Leadership (2018-19)

How might we support women in leadership roles within the RCDS Community?

Project Overview

We are excited to build a trusting and supportive network of women who are interested in self-reflection, eager to work towards professional goals, and inspired to lead with impact, passion and fulfillment within the RCDS community.

The program will include three large group sessions, as well as several focused small group sessions throughout the year. All RCDS faculty, staff, and administrators who identify as women are welcome!

Project Goals

During the 2018-2019 academic year, we plan to create a community of supportive, reflective women that can let their guard down in a judgement free zone. Through large and small group sessions, women will gain insight and learn tools to help navigate their walk as leaders. We aspire to create a safe space where women can discuss their professional roadblocks and ways to overcome them.


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Ellen Cartwright
Dean of Girls, Grades 7 & 8, Director & Instructor, Middle School Study Skills Program



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Tia Gueye
US Mathematics Department Chair and Teacher