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Grade 3 Geography Unit Follows Children's Book Character Around the Country and Abroad

As part of their geography unit, Grade 3 students read the Journey of Oliver K. Woodman, a book that chronicles the travels of a wooden figure, Oliver, as he travels across the United States asking people to take him to new places and to send letters his creator, a carpenter named Ray. The students then made their own Oliver Woodman cutouts and mailed them around the country and the world, asking recipients to send them back adorned with details that capture their local flavor. The cutouts were accompanied with notecards from the third graders that included answers to the prompts "My Oliver is traveling to" and "I think he might be seeing." Oliver cutouts came back from New York, Georgia, California, and even Japan, to name just a few. Students tracked their Olivers' whereabouts on a map in this fun activity that expanded their knowledge of geography.