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Pre-Kindergartners Bring their Superpowers to RCDS@home

Last week's Pre-Kindergarten morning meeting had some special guests: superheros! The activity, which was fun for the students and Ms. Festo and Mrs. Haff, had a meaningful theme. As part of an asynchronous lesson, Ms. Festo read Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast ... Mission Defrostable, a story in which the characters act heroically to save their friends. She explained to the students that the characters' superpower was friendship.

Following up on the lesson, Ms. Festo posted for parents a quote about children being heroic as they adjust to the many challenges and changes during this difficult time. Ms. Festo and Mrs. Haff then shared mask templates and asked the students to print and decorate them. They also invited the students to attend their morning meeting dressed as superheroes and to share their superpowers with each other. The result was heartwarming and inspiring. The powers that the Pre-K superheros offered included friendship and kindness, and the super-students demonstrated a real understanding of the importance of these powers. "It was one of the sweetest moments of my teaching career," shared Ms. Festo. "When I signed on for my second synchronous lesson of the day, most of the students were still wearing their masks and capes. Life is good."