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2022 Varsity Spring Sports Awards Night

Congratulations to the RCDS Wildcats on an excellent Spring season! The Varsity Spring Sports Awards ceremony was held in the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, May 31.

Spring Sports Awards


FAA All-League 2nd Team: Kevin Francella ‘23
FAA Honorable Mention: Henry Geller ‘22

Coaches Award: Patrick Leonard ‘24
Wildcat Award: Henry Geller ‘22
2023 Captains: Kevin Francella ‘23, Luke Beyer ‘23, Aveer Pandey ‘23, & Nico Giagni ‘23

Boys’ Golf
FAA All-League: Zach Ong '22
FAA Honorable Mention: Nicky Smith ‘25
2022 NYSAIS Champion: Zach Ong ‘22
2022 NYSAIS Federation Players: Zach Ong ‘22, Nicky Smith ‘25

Wildcat Award: Zach Ong ‘22
Coaches Award: Ryan Brush ‘22
2023 Captains: Nicky Smith ‘25, Leo Rothschild ‘23

Girls’ Golf
FAA All-League: Gabi Jolly ‘22
FAA Honorable Mention: Kate Burdick ‘24

Coaches Award: Gabi Jolly ‘22
Wildcat Award: Melanie Asness ‘25
2023 Captains: Kate Burdick ‘24, Claire Yu ‘25

Boys’ Lacrosse
FAA All-League 1st Team: Braden Bass ‘23
FAA All-League 2nd Team: Nick Vlasto ‘24
FAA Honorable Mention: Alec Davis  ‘24

Frank Effinger Award: Nick Vlasto ‘24
Ray Konopka Award: Braden Bass ‘23
2023 Captains: Braden Bass ‘23, AJ Pisacano ‘23, Nick Vlasto ‘24

Girls’ Lacrosse
FAA All-League 1st Team: Caroline Keating ‘22
FAA All-League 2nd Team: Nina Paganelli ‘22, Cameron Song ‘24
FAA Honorable Mention: Leigh Smith ‘23
WNEPSWLA All-Star: Caroline Keating ‘22
WNEPSWLA Honorable Mention: Payton Caggiano ‘23

Denise Francella Coaches Award: Kate Kissell ‘22
Wildcat Award: Caroline Keating ‘22
2023 Captains: Payton Caggiano ’23, Hadley Hart ‘23

Ryan B. Mahoney Award: Alexa Shea ‘22
2023 Captains: Luke Sullivan ‘23, William Mahoney ‘23

Coaches Award: Josh Greene ’25

FAA All-League 1st Team: Willow Edwards ‘25
FAA All-League 1st Team: Reina Thalheimer-Santamaria ‘23
FAA Honorable Mention: Bella Andrade ‘23

Coaches Award: Annie Suter ‘23
Wildcat Award: Willow Edwards ‘25
2023 Captains: Reina Thalheimer-Santamaria ‘23, Bella Andrade ‘23, Annie Suter ‘23

Boys’ Tennis:
FAA All-League: Ronen Borkar '23, Arthur Wang '23
FAA Honorable Mention: Arnav Vyas '25

Coaches Award: Andrew Cheigh ’23
Wildcat Award: Ronen Borkar '23
2023 Captains: Ronen Borkar '23, Andrew Cheigh '23
Girls’ Tennis:
FAA All-League: Sriya Krishnan ‘22, Elizabeth Kavanagh ‘24
FAA Honorable Mention: Dani Penn ‘24

Coaches Award: Kiki Montgomery ‘22
Wildcat Award: Sriya Krishnan ‘22
2023 Captains: Sofie Petricone '23, Maddy Leslie '23, Avery Smith '23

Boys’ Track:
FAA All-League: Alexander Nichols ‘22 (100-Meter Dash, 200-Meter Dash, 4x100-Meter Relay), Cole Denson ‘24 (4x100-Meter Relay), Michael McGhee ‘23 (4x100-Meter Relay)
FAA Honorable Mention: Peter Nicholas ‘22 (Triple Jump & 110 High Hurdles)
NYSAIS Champion: Alexander Nichols ‘22 (200-Meter Dash, Runner Up in 100-Meter Dash), Peter Nicholas ‘22 (Runner Up in Triple Jump)
Qualified for NYS Federation: Esaias Gonzalez ‘25 (400 Hurdles)

Coaches Award: Peter Nicholas ‘22
Wildcat Award: Alexander Nichols ‘22
2023 Captains: Michael McGhee ’23, Adam Kern ’23, Jeffrey Ortiz ’23, Dylan Garbutt ’24, Jared Perlmutter ‘24

Girls’ Track:
FAA All-League: Cleo Saltz '24 (800-Meter Run and 3000-Meter Run), Alexa Daddi-Melino '25 (High Jump)
FAA Honorable Mention: Mary Grace Eubanks '25

Coaches Award: Ellie Stevens ‘22
Wildcat Award: Cleo Saltz ’24
2023 Captains: Mina Kim ’24, Cleo Saltz ‘24


Honoring Scott A. Nelson
Head of School Scott A. Nelson's commitment to Rye Country Day's athletic program and the school at large was celebrated during the Spring Sports Awards ceremony. 

As part of the celebration, the Scott A. Nelson Scholar-Athlete Award was introduced. The award, which was given to Henry Geller ’22 and Marin Yearley ’22, recognizes senior student-athletes whose passion for athletics, combined with their commitment to academics, strengthens their team, their class, and the entire RCDS community. The Wildcats also presented Mr. Nelson with an honorary #29 RCDS jersey to commemorate his 29 years of outstanding leadership.


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