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Dr. Geoffery Erickson Visits RCDS to Discuss Artificial Intelligence in Computational Biology

In April, Immuins.AI Co-Founder and Senior Vice President Dr. Geoffery Erickson visited Upper School Computational Biology classes to discuss his research and the ways his company is using artificial intelligence to monitor cancer progression. 

A privately-held immunogenomics company, Immunis.AI is committed to empowering patients and physicians with actionable information for disease management.  

Dr. Erickson discussed his journey as a researcher and co-founder of Immunis.AI.  He explained how his work combines Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, and Biostatistical with AI to develop a non-invasive solution for monitoring cancer progression, thus eliminating the need for painful biopsies. By analyzing gene expression in immune cells, Immunis.AI’s technology accurately predicts disease progression.

Prior to Immunis.AI, Dr. Erickson was a Director of Business Development at Harvard University. Before that he led other companies including Cytex Therapeutics, Inc. and Humacyte, Inc.

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