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Eighth Grade Honors Algebra I Class Experiments with Artificial Intelligence

Grade 8 students in Honors Algebra I with Ms. Dominicus have been experimenting with artificial intelligence to examine its pros and cons. 

Students were asked to use ChatGPT to create a practice test on their current coursework (factoring polynomials). Upon issuing the prompt, students observed that ChatGPT was unable to create a test that was challenging enough for their level of skill. They discussed ways to adjust the prompt and add more detail to generate a test that would offer a more appropriate challenge for the class. The lesson was an interesting example of the interaction between artificial intelligence and human users.

The lesson was inspired by the ongoing year-long work of the Professional Learning Cohort (PLC) Ms. Dominicus has joined for 2023-24. PLC’s are small groups of employees who work collaboratively to further develop their knowledge on topics of interest.  

The title of Ms. Dominicus’s PLC  is Artificial Intelligence in Teaching & Learning, convened by Upper School Chinese Teacher Joanne Shang.

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