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Eighth RCDS Green Screen Examines Food Waste

The 2021 Green Screen, the flagship event of the longstanding community partnership between RCDS and Rye Sustainability Committee, featured the film Just Eat It and examined food waste and its impact on communities and the environment. The film chronicles the experiences of directors Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin who after learning that billions of dollars of food are tossed every year in North America, pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive on only discarded food. The discussion panel included Jen Rustemeyer, Tina Connelly, Chef of Tina’s Gourmet Kitchen, and Anne Bradner, CEO of the Carver Center, which coordinates a number of programs to combat food insecurity. The panelists provided perspectives that distilled the impacts of food waste at the individual, local, national, global levels. Attendees left the virtual screening with advice on how to play a role in the movement against food waste, be it donating food, making mindful choices about their own food use, or supporting and volunteering for organizations providing meals to those in need. 

Thank you to our panelists and to the Rye Sustainability Committee and the RCDS PA Environmental and Wellness Committee for this meaningful discussion.

"It was wonderful to see so many members of the RCDS community and the general public come together to participate in our eighth Green Screen event. The virtual format afforded us the opportunity to have Jen Rustemeyer join us from Canada and Tina Connelly from her very own kitchen! It is clear that many are passionate about the topic of food waste, and we hope this event inspired the community to take action in their everyday lives."  -- Kerry Linderoth, Director of Sustainability


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