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Ellen Chen ’24 Participates in Rye’sAbove Public Art Piece

Ellen Chen ’24 painted one of the large butterflies installed on the Rye Village Green as part of the Rye’sAbove public art piece sponsored by the Rye Arts Center and the Rye Rotary Club. Her 45’’ x 62’’ butterfly is one of approximately 30 butterflies of varying sizes displayed throughout the Rye area that will be auctioned at the Rye’sAbove benefit on September 29. The funds raised will be used to support the education and scholarship programs offered by Rye Arts Center and the Rye Rotary Club. 

Ellen shares that the butterfly she painted, titled “Breath of Nature," represents “the soft summer wind, chattering of birds flowing through the window, and the sweet scent of flowers.” Every stroke and detail was intentional. “The wavy lines exhibit the flow of nature, constant and continually sinuous, and I included many aspects found in nature, such as vibrant robin eggs, new sprouted leaves, and others,” she adds.

In addition to capturing the elements of nature, Ellen’s painting also depicts nature at different times of the day. “While the front of my butterfly is energetic and filled with colorful, lively designs, the back has a darker, more peaceful side. This illustrates the day and night cycle; every busy day will always be embraced with a tranquil night,” she explains.

Ellen’s goal in this project is to connect members of the community with each other and with the natural wonders that surround them daily. “I hope that it will allow others to strengthen their bond with nature by enjoying the outdoors with family. I am honored to use my passion for art to work with other well-known artists to build community.”

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