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Field Trip to Flushing, Queens, Provides Experiential Learning Opportunities for Upper School Students Studying Chinese

Students enrolled in all levels of Chinese classes at RCDS—from Chinese I through AP Chinese Language and Culture—engaged in a number of experiential learning activities during their field trip to Flushing, Queens, on January 19. Led by Chinese Teachers Joanne Shang and D.D. Huang, 34 students enjoyed an immersive day of cultural experiences. 

At the NY Shaolin Kung Fu Center, the Upper Schoolers were led by an instructor through a sequence of Tai Chi, Shaolin Form, and nunchaku routines. The students will continue to practice the martial arts during their Chinese classes to prepare for a demonstration at the upcoming Upper School Community Meeting celebrating Lunar New Year.

The next stop of the field trip allowed students to mark the Lunar New Year with a painting lesson at Zhou Qin Studio. In recognition of the Year of the Rabbit, the Upper Schoolers painted the animal, surrounded by lanterns and the Chinese character for “fortune.” A few of the artworks will be on display in the Upper School hallway in the Pinkham building, along with other student writings and origami. 

To conclude the experience, all students gathered for lunch at Sam Won Gahk, where they practiced their language skills and enjoyed a traditional Chinese meal. 

It was a wonderful day of cultural discovery and immersive language learning.

“Happy New Year!” Students shared a special message in Mandarin in honor of Lunar New Year. 

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