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Fourth Grade Enjoys Experiential Learning Field Trip at Storm King Art Center

The fourth grade class traveled to the Storm King Art Center in Orange County on April 26, where they toured the largest collection of modern and contemporary outdoor sculptures in the U.S.

In the weeks leading up to the field trip, the fourth graders studied several artists who had sculptures at Storm King in their art classes with Ms. Behar. They also practiced sketching, asking thoughtful questions about an artist’s intentions, and writing notes about their observations in student-made sketchbooks. 

During their tour at Storm King, students were thrilled to see firsthand several sculptures they had studied in art class, such as Isamo Noguchi’s “Peach Boy.” While sitting on the “Peach Boy” rock formation, the fourth graders listened to the Japanese folk tale of Peach Boy—a meaningful opportunity to connect learning from the classroom to a firsthand experience. They also brought along their sketchbooks to create drawings based on the sculptures, with a focus on differentiating positive and negative space. To conclude their visit, the fourth graders further engaged with the art through a scavenger hunt designed by Ms. Behar. Some of the interactive scavenger hunt activities included standing under or inside of a sculpture and describing your feeling; identifying a sculpture made of bronze; and sketching your favorite sculpture. 

The field trip was a wonderful day filled with experiential learning and engaged the fourth graders’ curiosity and excitement about art!

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