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Grade 2 Long Island Sound Unit Integrates Science, Public Purpose, Critical Writing, and Public Speaking

As part of the Grade 2 Long Island Sound Unit, students were given a native Long Island Sound animal to research and present to their classmates. The second graders then went on a field trip to SoundWaters, in Stamford, CT, an organization that works to protect the Long Island Sound through education and action. They explored Cove Island Park by testing the water for salinity, acidity, and nitrates, observing plankton under a microscope, gathering shells and identifying their species of origin, and touching animals found in the Long Island Sound!  

Practicing public purpose, the students partnered with RCDS Makerspace Director Gail Sestito on their own LIS Public Service project. They created reusable canvas tote bags adorned with original illustrations of their Long Island Sound animals and the slogan “Save the Sound.” Then, they organized tote bags to sell in support of SoundWaters.


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