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Grade 4 Inspirational Figures Unit Connects Ideas, Disciplines, and Skills

As part of the cross-curricular Inspirational Figures unit, each student in Grade 4 selected, researched, and presented a person who has made meaningful and inspiring contributions to the world. They based their research in reading non-fiction books, and they practiced their writing skills to craft persuasive paragraphs about their chosen inspirational figures. In addition to comprehension and reading, the students applied new writing skills, including appositives, coordinating conjunctions, and transition words. 

Connecting research and writing with the creative arts, students sculpted busts and created portraits of their inspirational figures. The tribute works are proudly displayed in the Lower School hallway.

The culminating activity was the "Wax Museum" presentation for which students attended school as their selected person.⁠ Each fourth grader wrote their own script, practiced their public speaking skills, and proudly presented their costumes, which they created. 

Congratulations, Grade 4, on this wonderful project and learning exhibition!

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