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Joanne Shang Presents Two Workshops on Leveraging AI in Teaching Mandarin Chinese

Upper School Mandarin Chinese Teacher Joanne Shang was invited to present two workshops on the benefits of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology for teaching and learning. 

On March 10, Ms. Shang traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii, as the featured speaker of the Chinese Language Education Association of Hawaii’s spring workshop, “How to Leverage AI in Teaching and Learning Chinese.” She shared with fellow educators recommendations on exploring AI in their Chinese teaching, with an overview of current large language model features, including voice interaction. She also provided examples of how AI can function as a digital teaching assistant in creating materials, assessing proficiency, rethinking assessments, and offering personalized help and generating diverse exercises to tutor students. 

A couple weeks later on March 23, Ms. Shang led another workshop at the Embassy of the People’s Republic in China in Washington, D.C. for the 2024 Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) CIRCLE Conference. With the theme of “Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Addressing the Challenges and Cultivating the Foundation in Chinese Education,” the conference gathered educators, experts, and scholars to provide insights into how Chinese language teaching should develop and move forward in the United States. Ms. Shang lended her knowledge and experience in her presentation, “How to Revolutionize Chinese Teaching & Learning: Practical AI in Action.”

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