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RCDS Students Gain Insight into the Life and Artwork of Wildcat Statue Sculptor Paul Jeynes

On April 28, students in Ms. Dolan’s Ceramics/Sculpture 1 class had the opportunity to meet with guest visitor Mary Kay Jeynes, widow of renowned sculptor Paul Jeynes, who created the beloved wildcat sculpture in 1990. The beautiful sculpture of the RCDS mascot with two cubs in tow is centrally located on campus in front of the Pinkham Building entrance under the Klingenstein Library. Students were thrilled to learn more about the life and remarkable artwork of Mr. Jeynes from Mrs. Jeynes’s personal vantage point. Mrs. Jeynes was accompanied by Linda Macaulay, a dear friend of Paul Jeynes, who provided her insight into his work as well.

Offering valuable insights into her late husband’s creative journey, Mrs. Jeynes described how his work evolved over time and became more refined and sophisticated with each new piece. One signature technique Mr. Jeynes employed was intentionally hollowing the eyes in his sculptures, which he believed would encourage viewers to focus more on the overall spirit and holistic expression of the animal. The students were especially fascinated by the stories about Mr. Jeynes’s creative career, including his time working from a New York City apartment before sending his armatures off to be cast in bronze at the Foundry. In addition to his extensive career as an artist, Paul Jeynes was an influential leader in the movement to pass legislation that defined limited editions and regulated the reproduction of art.

After the classroom visit, Mrs. Jeynes and Ms. Macaulay joined Head of School Randall Dunn and Ceramics/Sculpture 2 & 3 classes for lunch. Their time together provided enriching conversations for all. Students discussed their artwork and personal creative processes with the visitors who listened and offered their perspectives framed by their years of closeness with a celebrated artist.

“It was an honor to have Mrs. Jeynes on campus to speak with our students about her husband’s life and work. In the RCDS wildcat, Paul Jeynes masterfully created a centerpiece for our campus that depicts the strength, grace, and service that constitute the essence of the RCDS community. I am deeply grateful to Mrs. Jeynes for her visit and the time she spent with our students sharing the legacy of her brilliant husband.” 
– Randall Dunn, Head of School


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