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Middle School Students Experiment with the Mpemba Effect during January Freeze

During last week’s frigid weather, Ms. Sackey took her seventh grade students outside to observe the Mpemba Effect. A heavily debated and mysterious anomaly for chemists and physicists to this day, the Mpemba Effect asserts that under sub-zero temperatures, boiling water freezes more quickly than room temperature water. 


To complete the experiment, students compared the differences between a 100 mL beaker of "room temperature water" and the same volume of "boiling water" when thrown into the cold air. Students watched from a safe 10-foot distance as most of the boiling water in every trial turned to tiny ice crystals (forming a temporary half-moon-shaped cloud), while the water thrown at room temperature remained liquid (falling in large droplets to the ground). 
A fun and engaging winter science experiment!

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