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Monthly Edith Read Clean-Up Program Wraps Up Second Year

The Monthly Edith Read Clean-Up program wrapped up a successful second year with productive spring visits.

On April 27, the US Environmental Club and AP Environmental Science were the participants in the Edith Read Clean-Up program. Cleaning up the beach, the students collected 23 pounds of trash, including styrofoam, glass, straws, bottle caps, socks, and a fishing pole. Students were also able to see and learn about the invasive Asian Shore Crab, which can be found under the rocks of the intertidal zone. A highlight of the day was observing the latest conservation project at Edith Read, an installation of "reef balls" on shore to serve as an artificial reef and substrate for a variety of bivalves, such as mussels and oysters.

On May 4, students participating in summer Global Studies trips to Southeast Asia and Greece visited Edith Read to assist with invasive species removal. After learning about invasive species, students worked to remove a large amount of porcelain berry vines that were crowding the native trees. Diligently led by Westchester Parks Foundation volunteer and RCDS senior Izzy Romita ’24, the group saved 2 trees and removed 1,070 sq ft of invasives. 

“We are grateful to Edith Read for our sustained partnership, and to the RCDS community for spending their Saturdays making our Earth a little healthier. We are already looking forward to more Saturday Clean-Ups in the 2024-25 school year!”

Kerry Linderoth, Director of Sustainability
Rebecca Drago, Director of Public Purpose


2023-24 Edith Read Clean-Ups

  • November 4 - US Peer Leaders
  • January 6 - US Basketball team
  • February 3 - First Graders
  • April 27 - US Environmental Club
  • May 4 - US Global Travel Programs

About the program
The Edith Read Clean-Up is a collaboration between the Sustainability and Public Purpose programs at RCDS that aims to highlight the intersection of environmentalism and community engagement. On the first Saturday of every month during the school year, groups of RCDS students, family members, and employees visited the nature preserve to support its environmental well-being. From trash pick-up to trail maintenance and other useful tasks identified by Westchester County’s Department of Parks, the work completed during these trips was a meaningful combination of Sustainability and Public Purpose.

A treasured Westchester park, Edith Read Sanctuary is located on the shore of the Long Island Sound, along a migratory flyway. It has been recognized by the National Audubon Society of New York as an Important Bird Area due to its significant habitats and flyway. In winter months, the 85-acre lake, a mixture of salt and fresh water, hosts over 5,000 ducks. 

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