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Playwright Lila Rose Kaplan Visits Upper School Students

In celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month, the Upper School English department hosted Playwright Lila Rose Kaplan for a class visit followed by a lunch-and-learn.

Lila Rose Kaplan writes plays that shine light on the often untold stories of women. Her heroines live in heartfelt zany comedies, bittersweet comic dramas, and imaginative musicals for young audiences. 

Ms. Kaplan visited Dr. Debby Katz’s Jewish American Literature class to lead a playwriting workshop and a discussion about her play,We All Fall Down, which the students had recently read.

At the lunch with Upper School students, Ms. Kaplan elaborated on her creative process and navigating and claiming her intersectional identities as a writer who identifies as Jewish and queer. She also answered questions about making a career in the theater arts.

Many thanks to Ms. Kaplan for her informative and inspiring insights!

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