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Prize Day 2020: Virtual Presentation

Welcome to Rye Country Day's virtual 2020 Prize Day ceremony. We are so thrilled to recognize our outstanding prize winners for their impressive achievements throughout the 2019-20 school year. Congratulations to all!

Introduction, Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents Award, and Book Awards

Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents Award: Ellen Mollerus '20, Aaron Serianni '20

Brown University Book Award: Alexander Harasimowicz '21

Columbia University Book Award: Kathryn Farrell '21

Cornell University Book Award: Andrew Felton '21

Dartmouth College Book Award: Sarah Jensen '21

Harvard College Book Award: Deepta Gupta '21

The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Book Award: Muhamed Ka '21

The Princeton University Book Award: Max Hines '21

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award: Liam Bieber '21

Wellesley College Book Award: Jordan Miller '21

Yale University Book Award: Kyle Mandell '21

Departmental Awards

Art Department

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in 2-D: Olivia Friedberg '20

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in 3-D: Olivia Nash '20

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in Photography: Miles Chun '20

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in Videography: Theresa Quinto '20

Athletic Department

FAA Scholar Athlete: Robert Fox '20, Caroline Geller '20, Aaron Serianni '20, Isabel Stronski '20

15 Varsity Letters Special Achievement: Elizabeth Friedberg '20

The Richard Le Maire '63 Award: Cullen Coleman '20

The Mary Borton Trophy: Olivia Friedberg '20, Charlotte Price '20

Classics Department

Classics Award: Vladimir Reed '20

Latin Award: Ellen Mollerus '20

Computer Science Department

Computer Science Award: Charumathi Badrinath '20, Josep Pujadas '21

Computer Science Achievement Award: Kathryn Farrell '21, Sebastian Jolly '21

Drama & Dance Department

V. Janet Lott Spirit of the Theatre Award: Mateo Gómez '20, Peggy Helman '20

Glen Robertson Memorial Award: Hunter Daum '20, Evalise Melgar '20

Dance Award: Chidera Olewuenyi '20

English Department

Sophomore English Award: Grace Casale '22, Hudson Friedman '22, Maya Kini '22

Senior English Award: Charumathi Badrinath '20, Amelia Lower '20

Creative Writing Award: Isabel Stronski '20, Graham Weber '20

Humanities Department

Joshua Bennett '06 Humanities Award: Ellen Mollerus '20, Aldo Stefanoni '20, Hannah Tanenbaum '20

Cornelius Tacitus Prize: Lourdes Geraldo Espinal '21, Max Hines '21, Katia Soares dos Santos '21

Mathematics Department

Mathematics Award: Jaume Pujadas '20, Alexander Shane '20

George Washington University Medal: Deepta Gupta '21, Sarah Jensen '21

Robert Reeser Memorial Award: Natalie Daetwiler '20, Josie Yeager '20

Modern Languages Department

Chinese Award: Lauren Mian '20

French Award: Ariane Voulgaris '20

Spanish Award: Amelia Lower '20, Wendy Corona '20

Modern Languages Award: Sebastian Lee '20, Kyle Mandell '21

Music Department

Choral Award: Mateo Gómez '20, Valeria Morales Ciriaco '20

John Philip Sousa Award: Sabrina Reznik '20

Music Award: Abhinav Kumar '20, Lauren Mian '20

Natural Sciences Department

Senior Science Award: Charumathi Badrinath '20, Abhinav Kumar '20, Jaume Pujadas '20, Aaron Serianni '20

All School Awards

Gretchen Pulvermann '30 Scholarship Award: Chidera Olewuenyi '20

Dennis Parker '73 Prize: Arianna Farquharson '20, Chidera Olewuenyi '20

Will McCurdy '05 Award: Alex Margolis '20

Class of 2008 Award: Makayla Blake '23, Tyler Moyer '23

Christine Nelson Award: Yuto Abe '22, Ritchel Amankwah '22

James P. Godfrey Award: Eesha Narain '21, Gideon Prempeh '21, Arly Rodriguez, '21

STEAM Award: Miles Chun '20, Jaume Pujadas '20

Sustainability Award: Peggy Helman '20

Mary Ann Reichhardt Memorial Award: Wendy Corona '20

Senior Deans' Award: Robert Fox '20, Olivia Nash '20

Parents Association Prize: Christopher Connor '20, Theresa Quinto '20, Sabrina Reznik '20

The Headmaster's Prize: Tess Asness '20, Charumathi Badrinath '20, Jaume Pujadas '20

Alumni Prize: Abhinav Kumar '20, Isabel Stronski '20

The Glen Robertson Award (for Faculty): David Lehner

Recent News

End of Year Musical Performances

By infusing their passion for music with technology and innovation, Rye Country Day music students continued their study and practice of music at home.