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Prize Day 2022

Rye Country Day School’s Prize Day ceremony was held on June 6, 2022. We were thrilled to recognize our outstanding prize winners for their impressive achievements throughout the 2021-22 school year. Congratulations to all!


Alumni Prize
The School’s highest honor, awarded to that senior who has made the most outstanding contribution to the life of the School.

  • Hudson Friedman ’22
  • Maya Kini ’22

Head of School's Prize
Given to that student who models leadership, courage, or academic excellence.

  • Grace Casale ’22
  • Yuto Abe ’22

Parents Association Prize
In recognition of exemplary personal growth and service to others.

  • Maya Hirani ’22
  • Leah Colin ’22
  • Reese Wolfe ’22

Gretchen Pulvermann '30 Scholarship
Given to an accomplished senior who will study performing arts in college.

  • Magdalene Aideyan ’22

Dennis Parker '73 Prize
Given to a senior who has made our school community more inclusive by celebrating diversity, raising awareness about issues of equity and social justice, and inspiring others to recognize the humanity of all people.

  •  Ritchel Amankwah ’22
  • Tyfani Fennell  ’22

Will McCurdy '05 Award
Presented in recognition of courage, character, and commitment.

  • Ella Weinstein ’22
  • Yana Jayampathy ’22

Class of 2008 Award
Given annually to that freshman who has had the most positive influence in and outside of the classroom, noting his or her enthusiasm and dedication to school work and extracurricular activities.

  • Joaquin Gonzalez ’25
  • Isabella Jolicoeur ’25

Christine Nelson '80 Award
Presented to tenth graders in recognition of outstanding citizenship.

  • David Colin ’24
  • Isabel Tiburcio ’24

James P. Godfrey H'95 Award
Presented to that student who has performed significant service on behalf of others.

  • Felix Dosmond ’23
  • Tyler Moyer ’23
  • Tatiana Leonard ’23

Steam Award
Presented to the senior who actively promotes and inspires collaboration and displays passion for design and creativity within the STEAM initiative.

  • Sofia Medina ’22

Sustainability Award
Awarded to the student who best exemplifies the School’s sustainability initiative by seeking an understanding of the world around us, creating an atmosphere of environmental awareness, and promoting responsible stewardship of our planet.

  • Gabriella Jolly ’22

Mary Ann Reichhardt Memorial Award
In memory of the School’s Director of College Counseling. Given to a senior for a combination of outstanding academics and contributions to the School.

  • Daniela Soto ’22

Senior Dean's Award
Awarded to seniors who have made an outstanding contribution to their class and to the School during their senior year.

  • Caroline Keating ’22
  • Kyle Block ’22
  • Ritchel Amankwah ’22

The Superintendent's Award
Given by the Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents to two seniors for high academic achievement.

  • Lior Gurion ’22
  • Marin Yearley ’22

The Glen Robertson Award (for Faculty)

  • Donald Kyle ’81
    Upper School Dean of Students, Grade 10 Dean, Grade 10 Upper School English Teacher


Brown University Book Award

  • Sofia Petricone ’23

Dartmouth College Book Award

  • Ben Mathias ’23

Harvard University Book Award

  • Aadi Bhattacharya ’23

The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Book Award

  • Rohan Malik ’23

The Princeton University Book Award

  • Ruth Zhao ’23

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award

  • Will Mahoney ’23

Yale University Book Award

  • Elizabeth Lee ’23



Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in 2-D

  • Baker Charbonnet ’22

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in 3-D

  • Chidi Olewuenyi ’22

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in Photography

  • Caroline Harkness ’22

Lelia Carter Birrell '68 Award in Videography

  • Najah Diaz ’22


FAA Scholar-Athlete

  • Gabriella Jolly ’22

The Richard Le Maire '63 Award
Presented to that senior boy who has contributed most to the School’s athletic program.

  • Alexander Nichols ’22

The Mary Borton Trophy
Presented to that senior girl who has contributed most to the School’s athletic program.

  • Caroline Keating ’22

Scott A. Nelson Scholar-Athlete Award
Recognizes that senior student-athlete whose passion for athletics, combined with their commitment to academics, strengthens their team, their class, and the entire RCDS community.

  • Henry Geller '22
  • Marin Yearley ’22


Classics Award

  • Ellie Stevens ’22

Latin Award

  • Henry Featherston ’22


Computer Science Award

  • Amitav Nott ‘22
  • Yana Jayampathy ‘22

Computer Science Achievement Award

  • Penelope Brody ‘24
  • Scarlett Crakes ‘22


V. Janet Lott Spirit of the Theatre Award
Given to that student who has contributed most onstage to the School’s drama program.

  • Grace Casale ’22
  • Charlotte Ballantoni ’22

Glen Robertson Memorial Award 
Given to that student who has contributed most backstage to the School’s drama program.

  • Amitav Nott ’22
  • Ella Santomero ’22

Dance Award
Presented to that student who has contributed most to the School’s dance program

  • Chidi Olewuenyi ’22


Sophomore English Award

Presented to that sophomore who has excelled in the study of English.

  • Sofia Castaneda ’24
  • Jane Saltz ’24
  • Isabel Tiburcio ’24

Senior English Award

  • Grace Casale ’22
  • Yana Jayampathy ’22
  • Reese Wolfe ’22

Creative Writing Award

  • Chloe Wise ’22
  • Sean Kook ’22


Joshua Bennett '06 Humanities Award

  • Jeffrey Tian ’22
  • Ellie Stevens ’22

Cornelius Tacitus Prize
Presented to that junior who has excelled in the study of humanities.

  • William Mahoney ’23
  • Lauren Kim ’23


Junior Math Award

  • Rohan Malik ’23

Senior Math Award

  • Andrea Chang ’22

Robert Reeser Memorial Award
Awarded to that senior who has displayed a growing interest and talent in math over the years.

  • Alexa Shea ’22
  • Daniela Soto ’22


Chinese Award

  • Yana Jayampathy ’22
  • Hudson Friedman ’22

French Award

  • Jeffrey Tian ’22

Spanish Award

  • Sofia Medina ’22
  • Maya Kini ’22
  • Julia French ’22

Modern Languages Award

  • Gabriella Jolly ’22


Choral Award

  • Grace Casale ’22
  • Hudson Friedman ’22

John Philip Sousa Award

  • Cesar Morales ’22

Music Department Award

  • Sinclair Kennedy-Nolle ’22


Senior Science Award

  • Andrea Chang ’22
  • Lior Gurion ’22
  • Maya Kini ’22
  • Amitav Nott ’22

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