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RCDS Faculty and Administrators Participate in the Association of Technology Leaders at Independent Schools Conference

The Association of Technology Leaders at Independent Schools (ATLIS) Conference is dedicated to the professional development and networking of technology professionals with an independent school focus. It offers workshops on information technology, cybersecurity, ed tech, leadership development, and more to help schools maintain current tech strategies. 

From April 8-10, three RCDS faculty members and administrators participated in the 2024 ATLIS Conference in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Meredith deChabert, Assistant Head of School for Academics, Institutional Research, and Data, Dr. Daren Khairule, Director of Academic Technology, and Kevin Farrant, Makerspace Director, represented RCDS and gathered information beneficial to their respective areas at the School.

  • Dr. deChabert followed the Center for Institutional Research of Independent Schools (CIRIS) track of sessions, which explored topics including institutional research and strategic planning, data-informed strategies for measuring faculty competency and performance, building a data strategy team, and quantitative measures of holistic student thriving.

  •  Dr. Khairule attended sessions around Student Information Systems (SMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and generative artificial intelligence visioning. Both the SIS and LMS sessions discussed the importance of these systems being innovative and iterative citing the need for them to grow and change with the institution. The AI session discussed the importance of protecting students' personal information while also ensuring that student voices are part of the school’s AI policy-making.
  • Mr. Farrant’s sessions focused on the role and impact of AI in education, particularly how it has redefined assessment criteria, necessitating new norms for schools and educators designing curriculum. He explored the various ways AI integration can improve educational practices and prepare both teachers and students for a future where technology plays a significant role.

Pictured from left to right: Facilitator and Strategic Advisor Eric Hudson, Dr. Khairule, Dr. deChabert, and Mr. Farrant.

“As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, RCDS remains steadfast in our commitment to leveraging technology. Our tech strategy, which includes a robust professional development program, is anchored in empowering educators with tools that enhance instruction and foster student engagement. By embracing emerging technologies and fostering a culture of innovation, we are shaping a dynamic learning environment that prepares RCDS students for success in the digital age.”

-Dr. Daren Khairule, Director of Academic Technology


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