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RCDS Junior Lucas Oddi Receives Honorable Mention in the BRAIN Initiative Challenge

Lucas Oddi ’22 received an honorable mention in the BRAIN Initiative Challenge: Considering Ethics During Brain Technology Development.

Hosted by the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health, the BRAIN Initiative Challenge is a competition for high school students with an interest in science, the brain, and the ethical implications of novel technologies being developed and applied to understand the brain and treat brain disorders. 

Lucas’s essay, The Neuro-Social Dilemma, shared his perspectives on neuroethics, the relationship between ethics and advancements in brain science and technology. It was selected for honorable mention from over a hundred submissions from students across the U.S.

“This prestigious honor is a testament to Lucas’s passion for science and ethics, as well as his ability to thoughtfully tackle complex issues,” said Catherine Bischoff, who teaches Lucas in her AP Biology class. Upper School Principal Jon Leef added, “Lucas is a wonderful thinker, and issues of bioethics are important to him. Last June, he was part of our Ethics Project entitled BioEthics in Medicine, which explored the ‘in the moment’ decisions researchers, doctors, public health, and government leaders have needed to make during the COVID-19 pandemic and the various ethical considerations that go into each decision. At RCDS, students like Lucas are committed to academic excellence while also finding their path to serving the greater good.” 

Congratulations, Lucas!

Click here to read more about the BRAIN Initiative Challenge. 

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