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RCDS Students Compete in the Somers Science Fair
Rising juniors Sofia Castaneda ’24, Jonah Gurion ’24, and Aidan McIntosh ’24 represented RCDS at the 2022 Somers Science Fair, which gives first-year research students the opportunity to demonstrate sound scientific thinking and insight. Jonah won second place in the Molecular and Cell Biology division.
Participating students gave poster presentations on topics of their choice, showcasing properly conducted research based on thorough review of previous literature. Sofia, Jonah, and Aidan presented on the following topics respectively:
  • The Genetics of Colonization: Patterns of Genetic Coding Variation in a Native American Population before and after European Contact by Sofia Castaneda
  • PGT Inhibition As An Ovulatory Blocker And A Preventative Measure For Ovarian Cancer by Aidan McIntosh
  • The Utilization of CRISPR Cas9 Systems for the Gene Knockin of a Functional FANCA Gene in Fanconi Anemia by Jonah Gurion

“Sofia, Aidan, and Jonah are wonderful exemplars of the dedication and talent of the students in the RCDS research program. It has truly been an honor to watch each of them present work and share their scientific passions with others. This summer, they will conduct research at some of the best biomedical institutions in New York. We are very proud of them!”
- Jen Doran, Science Teacher

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