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Rohan Malik ’23 and Amitav Nott ’22 Complete Quantum Computing Independent Study Projects

As part of an Independent Study in Computer Science, senior Amitav Nott and junior Rohan Malik learned about and engaged with the emerging field of quantum computing, which reinvents the way computers store and process information. For their final project, they created an app called QuantumMessenger. While it resembles other messaging apps, QuantumMessenger messages are fully encrypted using a quantum-computing-based technology that makes it almost impossible for potential bad actors to intercept the message without disrupting the quantum state and alerting the receiver. The app is public and fully functional, and anyone can send and receive messages on the platform by visiting the site at https://qm.twdl.us and logging in. The project is fully open source, and the code can be found at https://github.com/anott03/quantummessenger.


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