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Student-Led Fundraising Initiative Wildcats Pave the Way! Continues

Wildcats Pave the Way!, a student-led fundraising initiative comprising Grade 10 student-athletes who are giving back to support those struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, is continuing its work. Yuto Abe '22 started the effort in partnership with God's Love We Deliver, an organization that prepares and delivers nutritious, high-quality meals to people struggling with serious illnesses in New York City, Westchester, and Nassau Counties, and parts of New Jersey.

To build on the group's already-successful fundraising efforts, Wildcats Pave the Way! member Peter Nicholas '22 developed the idea for a "24-Hour Wild Run," where participants supported by sponsors would run one mile every hour for 24 hours. The group of runners also had a special Zoom room so they could experience the big day together.

Commenting on the run, Yuto shared, "As students at RCDS, we thought it was important that we ask the RCDS community members to join in our endeavors to help those who need our help. This event was a great way to come together and connect as a community. We wouldn't have been so successful without the runners, sponsors, and everyone who supported and got involved to carry out this event." With 13 student runners along with faculty runners Mr. Ragusa and Ms. Zalph, the Wild Run, which was held on May 24, 2020, was a success. Combining athleticism with public purpose, every runner logged anywhere between 10 and 26 miles! To date, the Wildcats Pave the Way! initiative has raised over $10,000 to fund more than 1,000 meals in support of God's Love We Deliver, exceeding its initial goal of $5,000.

Participants in the 24-Hour Wild Run on May 24, 2020

Yuto Abe '22, Justin Cheigh '20, Leah Colin '22 , Hudson Friedman '22 , Lior Gurion '22, Julia Kavanagh '22, Jackson Merrill '22, Diego Morales Ciriaco '22, Peter Nicholas '22, Devan Phelan '22, Ellie Stevens '22, Christopher Suter '21, Marin Yearley '22, John Ragusa (RCDS Private Lesson Coordinator, Band Assistant, and Trumpet Teacher), and Jessica Zalph (Upper School Humanities Teacher).

Wildcats Pave the Way! Members

Yuto Abe '22, Hudson Friedman '22, Jack Merrill '22, Diego Morales Ciriaco '22, Peter Nicholas '22, and Ellie Stevens '22. 

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