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Students in Grades 3 and 4 Learn About Taíno and Apache Culture in Library Class

As part of the Grades 3 and 4 Library unit on Native American history and culture, RCDS’s beloved Main Entrance Receptionist Angela Monti visited classrooms to share her cultural heritage and personal story with students.

After learning about Ms. Monti’s Taíno roots, third graders practiced a few words from the Taíno language. Ms. Monti’s presentation deepened the students’ learning about Taíno (indigenous people of the Caribbean) history, including encounters with Europeans such as Christopher Columbus. 

Fourth graders listened to an Apache folktale, and asked Ms. Monti questions about the story and about Apache culture and storytelling at large. The students will take what they learned about Native American folks tales and create their own stories in that style of that tradition.

Thank you, Ms. Monti, for sharing your culture with our Lower Schoolers!

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