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Summer Learning: Independent Computer Science Projects

Senior software engineer David Baskin recently joined the RCDS faculty to support student’s summer work in computer science. Mr. Baskin, who holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University, has been a lead software engineer at Signpost, Newport Health Solutions, and S & P Capital IQ. Mr. Baskin’s position was funded by a generous donation from a member of the RCDS community.

Students who have taken the highest level Computer Science courses at RCDS were eligible to apply for the ten-week summer independent CS project program, and seven rising seniors were admitted. They meet weekly with Mr. Baskin to discuss their projects, which have helped them expand their computer science knowledge and skill set. They have learned how to define a project with a scope that is feasible, how to set up a development environment, how to organize code, and how to find answers to challenging coding questions—all critical programming skills.

The summer independent CS projects, which span a broad range of topics, include:

  • Investigation of A.I. and Bias (Amitav Nott ’22) 
  • Study of audio signal processing for musical applications (Yana Jayampathy ’22)
  • Study of several complex CS algorithms (Sofia Medina ’22)
  • Creation of a CS camp website (Scarlett Crakes ’22)
  • Development of a mobile application (Marin Yearley ’22, Reese Wolfe ’22, and Natasha Gilman ’22)

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