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Upper School Community Meetings Focus on the 2020 Election

On election day, Upper School meeting focused on the election and community reflections on voting. Mr. Pollock kicked off the program with a reminder to “make sure we listen to and support one another” throughout the election. The senior leaders of the Political Forum gave an informative presentation on the electoral map, changes to mail-in voting policies across states, and key senate races. Then, faculty and students shared their meaningful and thoughtful reflections on voting.⁠

The next day, the US community reconvened for a special follow-up meeting during which Head of School Scott Nelson, Assistant Head of School Dr. deChabert, and

Upper School Principal Jon Leef shared their reflections on the election season and the intersection between the election and the mission of the School. They offered personal accounts of their journeys as engaged citizens and voters through the years, and they encouraged students to listen to and learn from one another and to work in service of community both at RCDS and throughout their lives. The year’s theme of character was a common thread. Mr. Nelson reminded Upper Schoolers that we as lifelong learners are enriched by exposure to new, different ideas and perspectives. He stressed the importance of civil, respectful discourse, and he shared his hope that our students would become regular voters who recognize the meaning of the right and privilege of voting and the importance of working to serve one’s community in productive ways. All three school leaders emphasized that regardless of the election’s outcome, each one of us has a role to play in providing strength, support, and understanding for our community. 

Indeed, in a moment following a contentious and historic—and ongoing—election, there is no better embodiment of strength of character than, as the Portrait of a Graduate states, critical thinkers who possess self awareness and confidence, know and express themselves authentically, understand their impact on others, approach ideas and others with an open mind, empathize with compassion and acceptance, and, above all, act with kindness.

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