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Upper School Environmental Science Students Gain Hands-On Experience Exploring Sustainability at CompostED Facility

On April 11, Environmental Science students in the Upper School visited CompostED to learn about the composting process. Located in Valhalla, NY, the facility serves as a valuable educational site and composts up to two tons of food scraps a week.

As part of their unit on waste management, students measured and documented compost temperatures, mixed compost ingredients, hand screened, and flipped compost piles. Students also learned about the environmental benefits and process of composting and explored how local municipalities can incorporate food scraps into existing organic yard waste composting sites.

During the visit, students also toured the Household Material Recovery Facility (HMRF) to learn about the recycling of various household materials, such as paint, e-waste, batteries, and textiles.

This comprehensive educational experience equipped students with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice sustainability throughout the community.


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