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US Honors Spanish Students Experience Cooking and Dance Culture Lessons

Honors Spanish 2 students are currently studying the culture of Spain, ranging from gastronomy to the arts, to not only enhance their linguistic skills but also deepen their appreciation of features of life in Spain. 

One of the most famous, and delicious, dishes in Spain is churros con chocolate, so Mr. Benítez Meléndez led a cooking class for students to make the dish themselves. Over Zoom, the students followed along from home as Mr. Benítez Meléndez led the immersive cultural experience in the target language. The students practiced identifying all of the ingredients and tool names in Spanish. At the end, the class was proud to show off their churros con chocolate! (Pictured are churros made by two students.)

A couple weeks later, Mr. Benítez Meléndez led the Honors Spanish 2 students through a flamenco and salsa dance class. While learning the choreography, the students were practicing their vocabulary, like the names of parts of the body involved in movements, tempo to the music, and more. 

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