A Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 12 co-educational independent day school in Westchester, New York

Virtual Bookstore

eCampus.com is the official virtual bookstore of Rye Country Day School. It is recommended that students in Grades 9-12 order books through our official bookstore to ensure the correct editions of books are purchased.

Please note, families receiving financial aid should order books through eCampus.com in order to ensure proper school billing/credit.

Ordering Instructions

Please click here for ordering instructions

It is recommended that parents/guardians set up accounts for each of their Upper School Students using their RCDS email as the login ID.

  • If your student’s account is already set up with his/her RCDS email, you do not need to make any changes.
  • New RCDS students should use the login credentials provided in a separate email.
  • If you have previously ordered through our eCampus.com bookstore using a different email address, please set up a new account for each of your Upper School students.
  • If you have more than one student ordering books, please order books separately using each student's individual account.
  • The student email address should be used as the login ID for all purchases moving forward.
  • You may be prompted to change your password due to new enhanced security measures.

Financial Aid Ordering Instructions


Questions regarding summer reading assignments or texts? Families should reach out to the appropriate Department Chair or Upper School Office. 

Please contract Vicki Druehl (vicki_druehl@ryecountrday.org) on any questions you may have about the ordering process. Questions about financial aid as it pertains to the ordering process should go to Jon Leef and Courtney Doucette (jon_leef@ryecountryday.org and courtney_doucette@ryecountryday.org).

Additional Information