Summer Program Grants

Dear Parents and Guardians of Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Graders,
Rye Country Day offers a Summer Grant Program for Upper School students who receive financial aid. Please note that this grant program, which can be used to attend leadership, academic, artistic, or travel programs, is available ONLY to rising tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders. The number of grants available is limited. The School wants to extend support for summer opportunities to as many students as possible; therefore, students who apply for a Summer Grant, may also apply for the Community Engagement Fellowship Program but should note that they may not necessarily be eligible to receive more than one award.

Please note the following restrictions:

  1. The Summer Grant Program does not cover international travel – all programs must be domestic in the U.S.
  2. Due to NCAA restrictions, the Summer Grant Program generally cannot fund athletic programs.
  3. If your student is participating in an RCDS summer travel program they may not be eligible for the Summer Grant Program.

The Summer Grant Program will provide up to $750 to an individual student for a summer opportunity. We expect that students will explore summer opportunities on their own, but help is available if additional information or resources are needed. For assistance in finding a program that fits an area of interest, please reach out to Mr. Morgan, Mr. Bates, or Mr. Reid. We require that students and families apply for financial aid if it is available through their desired program, thus students should attempt to apply by specific financial aid-eligible deadlines. If the student receives financial aid from the desired program, the Summer Grant Program monies will be adjusted accordingly. Students are encouraged to apply to multiple summer program opportunities and may be able to attend multiple programs if their allotted funds make that possible.
Below you can find a list of programs that students have considered in the past. Students are not at all limited to the following list and we do not formally endorse these programs. The hope is that this will jumpstart the search process. Students are also able to submit an application without having a definitive plan or target program in order to express interest and begin the process with our support.


If your student is interested in pursuing a summer opportunity and would like to apply for a grant from RCDS, please have them complete the attached application by clicking here or the button at the top of this e-mail. The attached google form application is due by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, March 19. A committee will review the applications and notify selected recipients in a timely fashion.
Thank you in advance for your interest in the RCDS Summer Grant Program. We look forward to hearing from applicants by Monday, March 19.

Dion Reid, Associate Director of College Counseling
Ali Morgan, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Jeff Bates, Director of College Counseling

Summer Programs