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Magnus Health Portal

RCDS partners with Magnus Health, a web-based system that enables parents, the School Nurse, the Head Athletic Trainer, and designated school personnel to have secure access to student health records as well as the ability to make updates when needed.

Go to Magnus Health Secure Student Medical Record

Families receive an e-mail from Magnus with access and login information. For security reasons, your login credentials will only be available via that e-mail. When you log in to Magnus, you will see detailed instructions on using the platform. If you have any questions, please contact their customer support at 877.461.6831 or by email at service@magnushealthportal.com.

The first time you access Magnus, you will be required to set up your child/children into the system, a process that you will only have to complete once. After inputting your family information, you will also be required to upload medical records including annual physical exam documents. The data you upload will be safely secured [see security documentation] in Magnus going forward, meaning you will only need to update the records as necessary - typically on a yearly basis.

Important: Information in Magnus needs to be completed by August 1 each year. Your child/children will not be able to attend pre-season (Upper School) or begin school in September without submitting all required documentation to Magnus. The following forms/documents are required to be completed/uploaded to Magnus for each student:

  • Important student information (health insurance id information, emergency contacts, etc.) This is referred to as the “Vital Health Record,” in the Magnus system.
  • RCDS Health Form
  • Consent to Treat Form
  • Medication Form
  • Independent Carry and Use Form
  • Immunization Form
  • Interval Health History Form - for Grades 7-12
  • Emergency Health Care Plan Form (for severe allergies) - if applicable
  • Diabetes Action Plan Form - if applicable
  • Seizure Action Plan Form - if applicable
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