Zoom Guidelines "Zoomiquette"


Zoom meetings are just like class, which means that there are some protocols that you need to follow so that class runs as smoothly in a virtual classroom setting as it does in our regular classroom setting!

  1.  School policy is the same in a virtual classroom as it is for a regular classroom. Please conduct yourself in the same way that you would in school.
  2.  Remember that we can see you! Wear appropriate clothes and be mindful of where you choose to sit.
  3. Leave your mic muted unless you have a question or comment to make, and the teacher has called on you by name. The teacher will control the mics until we get used to using Zoom. When we are ready for it, you will be able to mute and unmute yourself.
  4. Raise your virtual hand when you have a comment to add, just like you do in class!
  5. Wait until called on by the moderator/teacher to participate. Let’s give everyone the opportunity to participate!
  6. The chat function is a space to ask questions and/or provide comments. We will be using this in different ways, so you should familiarize yourself with it!
  7. Make sure to check Haiku for any additional documents that you must have with you for our Zoom. Haiku will specify if there is a doc in Google classroom that you should have open, or a book that I want you to have.
  8. Be patient! We will all get the hang of it, but it will take time. If you cannot get on the Zoom, do not panic! Email your teacher on FirstClass and we will get your issue figured out.
  9. US and MS teachers will record the virtual meetings in case you cannot join in. Those meeting videos will be posted on each teacher’s Haiku page by date.
  10. You may want to create a virtual background. If you are in a bedroom for our meetings and do not create a virtual background, please be mindful of where you are sitting. Please keep the same background throughout our time together. See the images below for a how-to create a virtual background.

How to Create a Virtual Background

First open the Zoom app. You may need to log in online, too. After logging in online, though, go through the app button in your dock.

Then click on the settings button, which looks like a cog. It should be in the upper right hand corner. 

Then click on background and select the virtual background.

You will need to start your meeting through the app to ensure that you have that virtual background.