As required by New York State, RCDS will provide the Department of Health with daily data on the number of students and employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. The information will be publicly available on the State’s daily COVID-19 Report Card for schools. The data reported on the COVID-19 Report Card includes students and employees who are participating in any on-campus activity. Please note the dashboard only includes data for confirmed COVID-19 positive test results; it does not include pool testing results. 

In addition, New York State’s Regional Dashboard provides a daily look at the percentage of positive cases by region and county.

Key Reopening Contacts

The following administrators will provide support and information regarding reopening operations. Parent/student handbooks will contain comprehensive lists of contacts in each division for specific aspects of the student experience.

Meredith deChabert

Assistant Head of School

Rebecca Drago

Director of Public Purpose

Nancy Gordon

School Nurse

Jonathan Leef

Principal, Upper School; Mathematics Teacher, Upper School; Interim Dean, Grade 11

Ali Morgan

Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Humanities Teacher; Coach

Scott Nelson

Head of School

Vanessa Odenbach

Director of Marketing & Communications

Katie O'Shaughnessey

Director of Academic Technology; Department Chair, Computer Science; Computer Science Teacher, Upper School

Barbara Shea

Principal, Lower School

Priya Singhvi

Director of Health & Wellness

Ryan Song

Middle School Principal